FET, provides education and training to care-givers of children under the age of 18. The purpose of this service, is to assist families to make informed decisions about services needed for a loved one with a diagnosis of developmental disabilities.
Individuals and families are informed of services and tools needed to promote individuals’ independence, community integration and inclusion.
Information provided follows a specific scope and sequence. Information may be based on general developmental education, or other specific curriculum. We provide education and training on family – strengthening topics. The focus of FET is to provide information, it is not a direct service.
Based on the needs and desires of the care-givers, a broad array of educational curriculum is created to best serve the family. Topics could include OPWDD services, Guardianship process, educational system etc. The MSC may assist the family in identifying beneficial topics.
FET is totally funded through OPWDD, care-givers can attend a maximum of two, two-hour sessions per year. Our efficient staff creates a planning partnership with the individuals and families to identify and prioritize areas of concern.